October 10th

3 Reasons to work with StoreSkipper

Stephen Tapia


We change the way contractors can work with us. contractors can easily signup & apply to become a Skipper(fancy for delivery driver).

1. Opportunity

Contractors can become employees if they show excellence in the work they do. A couple of benefits are that employed Skippers can enjoy an hourly rate while also earning tips, something not available to contractors.

“Families shouldn't have to break their back to keep food on the table.”

Here at StoreSkipper we understand what workers go though & know what its like to be a delivery worker. We also understand the value of freedom & work that you bring to the marketplace & strive to be fair with our partners like you.

2. Ease of work

Most of the work is done for you in the app which is extremely easy to use. The app provides you with a map to find orders, order managment screen to keep track & other screens that makes it easy to track pay & messages from customers. All you have to do is drive to the store, pickup & dropoff. Its that easy!

Here are some quick tips to get ahead of the game:

  1. Download the app & signup. This will start a tutorial for you to checkout!
  2. Keep an eye on the map, some orders come & go quickly!
  3. Stay in communication & be responsive with customers.
3. Freedom

Choose when, what & where you want to work. Orders are anyones game so you can choose which orders you want within the main homescreen, you can also choose when you go online.

Follow the map to see where the orders are which could help in letting you choose which orders are near you. One order a better option for you? You can choose which one you want to take.

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